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Welcome to Areleah Chocolates, where a lifelong love affair with chocolate and sweets comes to life!

Areleah Chocolates is nestled in the breath taking landscape of the beautiful Queensland Scenic Rim and my kitchen is a sanctuary where magic is created daily.

Deborah's Story

My name is Deborah and I am the founder of Areleah Chocolates. I have been captivated by the magic of confectionery since I was a young girl. This early passion ignited a spark that would shape my future in the most delightful way.

At Areleah Chocolates I believe that the enjoyment of sweets is an experience as diverse as my customers. I take immense pride in all of my products ensuring that everyone can savour the joys of my confectionery.  My passion for crafting exceptional chocolates and sweets shines through in every batch I make. Using only the finest couverture chocolate and sourcing local ingredients ensures that each delightful creation is a burst of flavour and nostalgia in every bite.

Whether you're an adventurer in rocky road delights, a devotee of melt-in-your-mouth fudge, or prefer old fashioned sweets Areleah Chocolates have something to enchant your taste buds. Each creation is lovingly crafted in small batches, guaranteeing that every piece is a masterpiece of flavour and texture.

My dream is to spread happiness through the language of chocolate and sweets, delighting both young and old alike. Whether you're seeking a comforting treat or searching for the perfect gift to brighten someone's day, Areleah Chocolates is here to make life a little sweeter.

You can find my delightful creations in my online store, where you can explore the full range and have it delivered right to your door. Additionally, I frequent local markets, so keep an eye on my upcoming markets page to see where I'll be next!  For those lucky enough to reside in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland, you'll find my chocolates and sweets gracing the shelves of select shops, making your indulgence all the more accessible.

Thank you for being a part of my delicious journey. I invite you to step into the world of Areleah Chocolates, where passion, love, and the pursuit of sweet happiness intertwine to create magic in every morsel.

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